The book presents a new natural treatment method for nails that ingrown repeatedly, discovered after I tried almost all existing treatments for about 14 years, outside the surgical amputation, which have temporary effect, involve more effort and cost more.

After reading this book, you can cut the nails as short as you want, without them ingrowing.

New method of treatment is justified logical or scientific, also the treatment you can get from: 

I draw attention to the fact that nails root amputation is not cause of disease and can lead in time to serious problems of articulation and posture!

The ebook also presents a treatment to cure white spots on the nails (Leuconichia) and to improve nails with bumps. 


A. Preface
B. Current treatments
C. How the disease appeared
D. Treatments I followed
E. Ingrown nail treatment
F. Nails with white spots and bumps

The treatment I discovered I offered for testing, taking over by petitions to the Ministry of Health in the country where I live but to which I have not received an answer!

I offer a 5-year guarantee if you are not satisfied or think you have paid too much for what you received come with evidence that the treatment did not work and you will get your money back!